The End and Beginning.

If you haven’t noticed, this blog has been neglected a little bit. My bad. But it is all because I’ve decided to separate my work life from home/married life. Sooo… if you like reading about my design work, head on over to my website, where I have a blog there that will be dedicated to design.

If you like reading about Drew and I’s lives as married people, head over to our website,, where I converted our wedding website to a blog about us.


Christmas Card & Gifts

I just finished Drew and I’s very first Christmas card. Sent them to the printer, and can’t wait to get them back to address all of them. Here is a quick sneak peek!

With the whole Christmas thing coming up, gift ideas have been on my mind. Did you know boys, especially my husband, are the hardest people to shop for. I can’t just give people cash. I don’t get excited by giving that at all. So to make it easy for my loved ones, (ahem… Drew) here are some things I hope may be in my stocking or tree. PS if you need some funny elephant gifts, check out this for some ideas!

A subscription to Communication Arts Magazine

This PatternBook

Walmart/Walgreens Photo Giftcard – I’ve been dying to make a bunch of prints of our wedding photos to fill the million frames I have from Ikea. Just the money to do it has had other priorities.

Anything from H&M

Thanksgiving 2010

I love my family, they are the greatest, so it usually makes Thanksgiving that much more fun. We did an early thanksgiving with Drew’s family and then on the real thanksgiving celebrated with my family. Here are some photos from the day.

New FSM Site

For the past few days, I have been working on redesigning the FSM website via a wordpress theme via themeforest. After purchasing the theme, I customized it to fit the color scheme of (green/grays/black/white). Now I am in the process of adding all the content. Here are some screenshots, but you can check it out live here,

Social Media is taking over the world

Well, that is just my opinion. Drew recently read that every 1 in 4 page views on the interwebs (as he calls it) is Facebook. That is insane. INSANE. PS did you the Facebook movie? I loved it and makes me want to change the world. I recently was asked to help someone create a social media contest, while I did not commit to doing the project because of the time commitment, I did do some research on how businesses are using social media to interact with their customers. It is insane. Oh and have you been using the Facebook Places now? I’m really hoping to hit the mall soon and use it to find deals at the stores that pop up to check into.

Also, watch this sweet video of how IKEA used Facebook to promote their new store.


I’ve been busy enjoying life with my husband, getting crafty, freelancing among many other things. I feel like my life may be boring if I just spelled it all out, but instead, I’ll show you in pictures what I have been doing with my time.

updating your resume is always good….

Also… freelancing for Soles for Jesus. If you have good shoes that you don’t need anymore, consider donating to them!

I also sent in one of my headbands I have available on etsy to be featured in an online magazine for UW-Madison, called Curb. Super excited for that!

Fall-Themed Date

Lately with Drew and I’s schedules, we’ve been able to do date night on every Friday. Friday is currently my favorite day of the week now. But yesterday we went on a Fall-Themed Date. We went to Basses Farm in Germantown/Colgate area. We went through their cornmaze and then picked some pumpkins. PS Drew was super into the cornmaze, he navigated the whole way and I just followed.